A School Without Walls For A People Without Limits!

WHY THE SOLUTIONARY? The Solutionary Institute makes learning even the most challenging subjects both easy and affordable, not to mention PRACTICAL! All of The Solutionary Institute’s courses are designed to create real results in our students, with a focus on solving the problems we face and creating success wherever we struggle!

Education shouldn’t be unnecessarily expensive or difficult to obtain.

The Solutionary Institute is all about increasing access to the tools needed by those who have the least access! So it’s incredibly easy (and affordable!) to enroll as a student at The Solutionary Institute.

Learn and share valuable knowledge and new ideas about topics thats interest you with the TSI staff and other students from around the world in our discussion groups. Almost everything is open for discussion in the forums with a focus on key topics like:

Curriculum Support
Special Interests
Affordable Real Estate in Your City
Eating Healthy for Less
Homeschooling that Works
Profitable Business Opportunities
See what everyone is talking about and add on!

Our Curriculum

Preparing teachers for public school, homeschool, and our school, also public speaking, mentoring.

Our Community

History, culture, politics, spirituality, metaphysics, gender studies, knowledge of self studies.

Our Centers

Accounting, engineering, carpentry, homebuilding,  networking, ecommerce,  business management.

Recent Reads

How to Hustle and Win

By Supreme Understanding

Self Development

Hood Health Handbook

By C’BS Alife Allah and Supreme Understanding


The Science of Self

By Supreme Understanding and C’BS Alife Allah

Original History

Daily Meditation

By James Allen


TSI Blog

New Releases From The SURVIBING Book Series

New Releases From The SURVIBING Book Series

HOW TO HOME$CHOOL AND WIN A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO FREE PROGRAMS, RESOURCES, AND FUNDING This book is a compilation of the BEST info we could find, brought to you with the intentions of making homeschooling easy to navigate. Why? Because homeschooling is a MUST for all...

Why The Solutionary

Why The Solutionary

Why The Solutionary Institute?
Because school sucks! Traditional schools are either expensive, boring, overly academic, or packed with toxic indoctrination, which keeps many students from becoming successful. TSI focuses on transformative learning, which produces change from the inside out, a timeless model for education that needs to be revived for today’s challenges.

11 Keys to Health and Wellness by Supreme Understanding

11 Keys to Health and Wellness by Supreme Understanding

At least 75% of disease is nutritional, either in terms of how disease is developed, or how it could have been prevented. Junk food, fried food, red meat, and other popular foods are killing you slowly. Your health is the most important thing you possess. These are 23...

Join an Online Community of Solutionaries

Courses at TSI are highly interactive, requiring students to engage with each other, their teacher, and with the world beyond TSI. Each lesson involves a real world component, in addition to solid research, meaningful social commentary, and enough humor to keep things interesting. The real world activities encouraged by TSI are always safe and usually free.

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