MEMBERSHIP LEVELS It’s incredibly easy (and affordable!) to enroll as a student at TSI. While most schools charge thousands of dollars in tuition every semester, TSI was developed to empower students around the world with limited resources. Thus, monthly tuition at TSI is a flat rate of only $10 a month. That’s right. For $120 a year, you can acquire the tools you need to accomplish the goals that will change your life forever. As general education student, you’ll automatically be in enrolled in our brief introductory course, “How to Learn the Solutionary Way”. You’ll also have direct access to our general student content, updated weekly with new videos, how to lessons, historical articles, book excerpts, and activities to try. You’ll find these simply by logging into the site and browsing around. You’ll also be able to use your student credentials to participate in our online community, where you can find details on local meetups being held for students in your city! As a TSI student, your tuition allows you free entry to TSI events like these! You’ll also enjoy great discounts at all our partners!

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