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    Divine Reality

    Peace Family!

    Are you located in or near the cities of Chicago, Detroit or Grand Rapids?

    What about Cincinnati, Cleveland, Milwaukee or St. Louis?

    Our Solutionary Community is very excited to begin launching our Business Network meet ups every month. In the Midwest areas and abroad. Be sure to look for specific dates, times and locations along with our Righteous Family newsletter.

    If you were able to connect in thought with Supreme Understanding along with our righteous family members in your city during his recent 70 plus city tour.

    Then you are aware, that as righteous people we are consistently found hosting or involved in sound discussions. Always, providing real solutions to be a resource for the poor. Meaning those disadvantaged populations in our local communities.

    Our how to rebuild the righteous family teachings are simple and practical. It’s applied with authentic love for the people. LOVE as in Living Our Values Equally to aide the people to be the best version of ourselves.

    Aide, with the knowledge and wisdom to elevate the circle of life we find ourselves within individually and collectively striving for us to see a better tomorrow.

    However, our love for the future and our love for our babies is shown in words and deeds. Because, the righteous family truly belongs to all of us!

    For example, throughout communities across the black diaspora. We seem to have negative highlights and stereotypes pertaining to black and indigenous culture. We tend to buy into the wrong mindset about ourselves such as the city of Chicago and it’s gang violence.

    Yet, for myself and others I can say it was an exciting experience of love in the city of Chicago and it’s people.

    The network of resources regarding business development, education (homeschooling), natural health, and just living the culture of righteousness was beautiful.

    That is something we don’t often hear about or see in mainstream media pertaining to black and indigenous communities.

    I also enjoyed and appreciated the many online connections from social media turned to tangible in person relationships (in real life time).

    Although, this did include many of us having a struggle to initially find the Cipher amongst the millions of people concentrated in one area at the annual Taste of Chicago.

    Can you imagine a real live cipher.  By the entrance/departure at the Taste of Chicago. Teaching about natural healing for your mind and body, eliminating the dysfunction and disorder through love and embracing the people. While experiencing the natural healing atmosphere in the nature of the park.

    This is exactly the environment where my brothers Power Born and Supreme Understanding found themselves. educating and teaching by a statue beginning as a pretty small amount of people that grew to be quite a large size family.

    A “universal family” where everyone was able to learn equally. Some even stepped in to teach from the center like Supreme Understanding. When they were ready to add on to topics introducing themselves.

    Others were seen as just observers walking by listening intensely and stood by for awhile at times.

    It’s these moments like this, I see Allah’s 5% have all been taught to create the kinda organic experiences.

    Experiences where the magnetic truth is attracting and able to elevate one to a better tomorrow..

    Because, the Righteous Family preserves the cultural tradition education for elevation.

    Being Solutions to our own problems is a necessity for we are the question and the answer.

    Therefore, our business network not just in Chicago. But all around the world can be seen and heard organizing the people. Organizing to protect, enhance, and develop their own communities.

    The science of being online in the world wide web. Is to make our desired outcomes tangible in real life time.

    Our business network will shape our collective future. With it’s solutionary community on the frontlines. We are an answer to be the collective ignition for the conscious community. A real community in everyone lives beyond any theory or rhetoric.

    We appreciate you and thank everyone in advance. For being part of the local business network meet ups.

    As well as those who are looking to join us and become a part of the Righteous Family Business Networks in your area.

    We look forward to continuing to see everyone from all walks of life across the black diaspora.

    All of us coming together remembering  the whole “righteous family” is of one mind. One mind focused with what we agree on for the sake of our seeds.

    Because, the babies are the greatest and we unite the black and indigenous people of the world.

    Until the next time we connect in thought Keep building and stay righteous.


    Divine Reality
    (Grand Rapids, MI)

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